Soul Texture: Works by Dennis Paul Williams

  • curator
  • Dennis Paul Williams at the Acadiana Center for the Arts

Dennis Paul Williams has a devotion to the ideal, meaning he is devoted to best of his faith, his family, his community and his artwork. Williams’ commitment to the creation of artwork is immediately apparent upon visiting his studio, which holds the 30 years of his prolific art career.

There is often symbiotic relationship between artwork and the location from which it is created. Dennis Paul Williams gathers inspiration from the community he has been established in all his life. The small town of St. Martinville, Louisiana holds all that is dear to him, his family, his church, his home and his studio. From this strong sense of place, Williams is grounded in the truth and beauty that surrounds him and this is clearly expressed through his artwork.

His artwork is created, not one at a time as many artists work, but as a series. Each piece relates thoroughly to the next and thus, even the artwork itself has a devotion. Many of the series represented in this catalog expose a great deal of the inspiration of the artist. Series titles such as Soul Texture, Spiritual Squaring, Dream Layer and Sequencing Truth allow the viewer to translate the context of the image into a deeper understanding of Williams’ motivation to create.

Dennis Paul Williams’ artwork resonates mediation, concentration, focus, and consistency while preserving the element of surprise. Dark hues give way to vibrant color. Pastel color fields are dissected with faint lines that create human forms. Horses, ducks and house structures are enfolded into the environment of the artwork. Leaves, glistening white, overlay space and figures to create pattern and interest. There is depth, there is hopefulness, and there is whimsy.

The source of the strength of his paintings begins with the level of commitment that he has given through 30 years of working and creating art. This strength continues into the future with hopefulness, positive outlooks and devotion to the spirit of the creator.

Rose M. Courville, Curator of Exhibitions